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Competent information management, that is LoQutus. As an experienced coach we guide dynamic and ambitious organizations – both in private and public sectors – through a digital transformation process. From design, development and implementation up to the adoption phase. Our experts help IT and business excel in innovative challenges. Thanks to our pragmatic approach, holistic vision and very complete service we really help companies to innovate.


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8 Simple Rules for Building Great APIs

Building APIs is not without challenges. While APIs can be considered strictly technical assets, the best APIs are often built by multidisciplinary teams because there are just so many things to think about. In this blog, I’ll share some simple rules to get you started.

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Port of Ghent


As a limited liability company under public law, Port of Ghent has to assume various managerial responsibilities to safeguard a consistent day-to-day operation of the port. In practice, it makes sure the required infrastructure is in place to enable the smooth operation of both the shipping and goods traffic.

Ghent Port Company has many responsibilities including those for the rights, security and environmental licenses. All involve substantial administration and invoicing and of the 160 employees, 125 of them are directly involved with these daily requirements.


LoQutus develops customised solution for Recupel Declarations

Follow-up on member files and periodic declarations at the Recupel’s Declaration Department was handled via a loose web of applications and manual steps, making the task difficult. The request to strategic partner LoQutus was to develop a new customised application that centralises all information and processes. At the same time, all historical data needs to be correctly migrated to a new database model.

Vlaams Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid

Transforming VAZG with SharePoint in a complex information landscape

The VAZG is a Flemish Government Agency and responsible for around 35 different sectors and policy areas in care and prevention. This means it's a complex organisation so it's hard to develop the IT landscape.

Watch and learn how SharePoint transformed VAZG into a more efficient organisation!


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