The origin of our company's name LoQutus lies in the Latin 'loquor, loqui, loqutus' (to communicate) LoQutus, or ‘the one who communicates’ is being symbolized by 2 brain halves. As both hemispheres communicate with each other, that way we communicate with you, that way we let your IT systems communicate among themselves and your business.

From business need
to IT solution

Architects with a great understanding of business, that is what we are. We can easily make the link between business and IT. A pragmatic approach that works for your organization, that is what you get. For that, you can also count on an innovating solution. Innovative thinking and continuous use of state-of-the-art technologies always play an important role elaborating a project.

Architect. Assist.

Making your enterprise digital by using a holistic approach, going from architect through assist up to assure.

Developing a strategic roadmap as answer to your business requirements, your IT-needs

Realizing your solution with passion and knowledge

Securing your solutions, always.

Your excellent solution
is our purpose

You deserve efficient, result and solution oriented expert work. The LoQutus employees definitely go for it, along with you we take the responsibility of our project and focus on the added value we will leave behind within your organisation.



LoQutus was founded in 2002 by Joachim Vanden Brande surrounded by a small group of people with an extensive expertise in Enterprise Application Integration and ICT architecture in general.

Möbius group

After a period of intense cooperation with the Möbius group, in 2004-2005 the partnership became structural and LoQutus became an integral part of the Möbius group. The Möbius group counts more than 120 employees who are active in Business Consulting, ICT Consulting and operate from Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Headquarter moves to Huize Minne

In May 2012 LoQutus moved his headquarter to Sint-Martens-Latem at Huize Minne (home of a fascinating artist).

Keeps on growing

Today more than 40 people are working for LoQutus and we keep on growing!

Foundation of Ground lion and brand new office in Brussels

Ground lion , a state-of-the-art platform for Adaptive Case Management is born!

We opened a brand new office in Brussels. Central, easy to meet our customers.

Bigger, better and brighter office!

LoQutus keeps on growing and moves to the Westerm building, Sint-Denijs-Westrem. A bigger, brighter and future-proof office!

AXI Group