Testimonial: FMSB

Architect, Assist, Assure is more than a slogan! Listen how FMSB experienced our approach

The Federation of Socialist Mutualities for Brabant (FMSB) tells us whey they feel that 'Architect, Assist, Assure' is more than a slogan. A few years ago they started "digitally transforming" their whole organisation and for that they needed a reliable partner.

LoQutus helps them with strategic advice (Architect), but also during implementation (Assist), and training for their team to tackle the challenges ahead (Assure).

“LoQutus gives us advice based on their expertise, but they also 'make it work', which is important for us! Furthermore they coach us and try to guide our people to the next level.” - Jasper Uyttebroek, IT Development Services Manager at FMSB

Our expertise in this case:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • IBM Integration Bus (IIB) selection & implementation
  • Creation of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) competence centre