LoQutus facilitates integration at M-Team by introducing a centrally managed platform

IT-service provider M-Team is the informatics partner for independent and neutral health insurance funds. Its teams of analysts, developers, project leaders and network/system engineers ensure the optimal electronic processing of the repayment of healthcare proceeds. M-Team is dedicated to guaranteeing reliable and safe access to IT applications for its users. This also requires rapid response to changes in legislation.

Christelijke Mutualiteit


CM opted for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which prompted strategic partner LoQutus to create an internal base for the project and provide the required expertise. In this field, LoQutus is certainly not an amateur and CM would immediately reap the benefits from its experience.


Business Data Monitoring

In order to achieve a better monitoring of the technical components of vehicles, sales equipment and devaluation machines, STIB-MIVB decided in 2010 to cooperate with LoQutus and IBM to configure a software layer which makes it possible to collect, analyze and report on all data. For this case we configured and integrated IBM Operational Decision Manager and IBM Business Monitor.

Van de Velde

The right integration architecture for the future

Van de Velde creates, produces and commercializes luxurious women’s lingerie under its own brand names. Van de Velde is originally a Belgian company. All key activities are managed from Belgium: design and product development, purchase, quality control, administration, distribution, sales and marketing.