LoQutus & Vlerick Business School Red Book: Designing information-driven business

Digital transformation is high on the agenda in many organisations. Today, more than ever, organisations understand that “Digital” goes beyond apps, UX or the front-side in general. To enable that “Digital Story” a strong back-end execution capability is needed, aligned to the new digital front organisations are building. LoQutus and Vlerick business school wrote a Red book on 'Designing information-driven business'. Including a framework which will in on 4 components deemed important to create value from information management.

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Guiding your Information Architecture efforts: 4 important aspects

When speaking of Information Architecture, you hear a lot of different opinions. Some think it’s the structure of the information the organisation has, others think it’s the application architecture that is supporting the Information Management efforts, and others see it as the structure of information when presenting it for use.

All of the above is true. Information Architecture is about enabling the use of Information in the organisation as an asset, supporting it’s lifecycle from capture over exploitation to archival.

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API Management

Due to the mobile revolution, it has become important for businesses to extend their reach from traditional web applications to APIs: internal APIs, open web APIs, B2B APIs, product APIs, or any combination of them. Early adopters and innovators such as Twitter already receive 10 times as much traffic through APIs than via their website. It is clear that APIs represent a new, fast-growing path to new business opportunities.

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Internet of Things

More and more things are being connected to a network and send data over that network. Instead of just capturing that data, added value can be created by aggregating this data to meaningful information to your organization. And it doesn’t have to stop there.

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Digital ecosystems for mobile payments

The real social enterprise is a collection of partners working together in a digital business ecosystem. Thereby are aligned visions, architectural systems and a flexible governance important building blocks. We analyze digital ecosystems for mobile payments.

Source: Informatie (December 2014); Authors: Bjorn Cumps (Professor Vlerick Business School), Stijn Viaene (Professor Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven), Wesley Bille (Service team lead architecture LoQutus) and Pascal Dussart (Senior EA consultant LoQutus).

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