Healthcare Analytics

Möbius Group presents Healthcare Analytics

Enjoy the best of two worlds, Healthcare analytics combines the specialized analytics and BI skills from LoQutus with deep sector expertise from Möbius.

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Recupel saves time with smart and efficient processes thanks to far-reaching digitalization

Recupel set up a future-proof declaration system for the processing of disused electrical devises and lamps. Joining several front & back-end applications, while respecting existing business processes, ensures optimal cooperation and saves time for Recupel staff. New technologies, as well as the expansion of existing functionalities, ensure optimal digital communication between Recupel and the customer. LoQutus relies on extensive experience in setting up digital platforms and was at hand to assist Recupel throughout the entire process. The expertise at LoQutus and the dedication of the Recupel staff ensured the success of the project!

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Recupel realiseert dankzij verregaande digitalisatie tijdswinst, vereenvoudiging en meer efficiëntie.

Recupel zorgt voor een future-proof aangiftesysteem voor verwerking van afgedankte electro- apparaten en lampen. Het samenbrengen van diverse front- & back-end applicaties, met respect voor bestaande business-processen, zorgt voor een optimale samenwerking en tijdswinst voor de Recupel mederwerkers. Nieuwe technologieën en uitbreiding van de bestaande functionaliteiten zorgen dan weer voor digitale communicatie tussen Recupel en de klant. LoQutus kan beroepen op een uitgebreide ervaring binnen het opzetten van digitale platformen en heeft Recupel gedurende dit gehele proces bijgestaan. De expertise van LoQutus en de hoge betrokkenheid bij Recupel medewerkers zorgen voor een geslaagd project!

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Digital Transformation - Wanted: Opportunity Architect

While digital transformation is of vital importance for companies and is clearly a boardroom concern, enterprise architects are having a hard time using their skills to digitally transform their company into a nimble, quick and agile one. The white paper “From Enterprise Architect to Opportunity Architect” outlines a number of findings from 13 case studies of companies in Belgium: there are opportunities for enterprise architects who can get to grips with and understand the customer journey.

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Z-impact: Christelijke Mutualiteit

There's an ungoing wave of digitalization in the service industry. An increasing amount of organisations wants to inform their customer nearly real-time and provide services in an effiecient way. On of these organisations is CM. Currently CM is implementing a brand new digital strategy.

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From 'Staf de Giraf' to motivator!

October 15th LoQutus and 'Vrije Basisschool Sint-Maarten' at Sijsele started their 'activity tracker' project. After two months, it's time for a first evaluation! How are the children and their activity trackers doing? 

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