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Kickstarting your analytics efforts

Learn how to create your own analytics & insights based on real cases from within your industry

Analytics and Insights are getting a lot of attention lately. Organisations often tell us that ‘they have a lot of available data, but struggle to get the insights they need'. Although we see a lot of exciting new developments in the analytics market, a lot of organisations are trailing behind. The ‘magic’ of advanced analytics can be daunting, and especially small and medium sized businesses can get the feeling that analytics is not for them, that it requires heavy investment and rock star Data Scientists. At LoQutus we do not agree with this. With a little guidance, every organisation is able to learn new data & analytics skills. So how can you start your journey with analytics? At this event, we will share what we have learned at LoQutus.

It’s important to get familiar with the core concepts in Analytics . What are predictive analytics, machine learning, cognitive analytics, deep learning, and how can they be of value for my organisation?

Next, we’ll dive deeper in how you can kickstart your analytics initiatives . Where can analytics deliver the most value for you? How do you determine the right questions? What are the key capabilities that you need? How can you set up self-service for your business experts? We’ll explain how analytics applications are different from your normal business applications, and why they need different strategy and governance.

To make it even more clear, we’ll show you some examples of our recent work in dashboarding, data visualisation, data driven applications and self-service analytics .

This session will bring knowledge discovery by hearing & learning from your colleagues and sharing lessons learned with our analytics & insights experts!


November 21

6 PM - 9 PM


LoQutus Headquarter

Kortrijksesteenweg 1146

9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem


6 PM - 6.20 PM: Introduction

6.20 PM - 7.30 PM: Kickstarting your analytics efforts

7.30 PM - 9 PM: Food & Drinks

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