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Privacy Readiness Assessment

The LoQutus GDPR Readiness check assesses your organisation’s readiness for the new European General Data Protection Regulation applicable in May 2018. The Check analyses the existing data processing structures and risks, and provides a risk level report which flags potential problems with GDPR compliance.

The Assessment contains a GDPR targeted baseline which focuses on the key issues and the changes coming with the GDPR. The GDPR Readiness Check analyses the personal data processing infrastructure of your organisation and focuses on some of the key requirements set by the Regulation. It provides and oversight over potential problem areas and helps to start the necessary adjustments.

DPO as a Service

  • Official Role of DPO
  • Independent
  • Privacy Expert
  • Privacy Office Setup
  • Training
  • PIA Project Support
  • Data Subject Communication
  • DPA Liaison

Privacy Governance

  • Governance Operating Framework
  • Privacy by Design & Default
  • Communication Operating Framework
  • Privacy Training

Privacy Management

  • PIA Assessment Framework
  • Data Register Lineage
  • Consent Management Framework
  • Privacty by Design & Default
  • Protection Integration