Have you found all the answers to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) challenge?

Although most organisations acknowledge the value of a strict GDPR legislation, a lot of them are still facing some unanswered questions in order to be prepared such as:

  • The lack of a clear view on what type of information is processed (personal data and other assets)
  • Information is not classified properly, making it difficult to apply the right policies
  • New analytical applications are developed on personal data, with no controls in place
  • Quality issues are viewed in a narrow technical sense, not from the negative impact on business

Does your organisation already have a plan in place and will your company be compliant by 2018?

It this Slidedoc we present our framework for approaching Information Governance and how this can be applied to GDPR. Download it now and understand how a solid Information Governance enables the necessary support for:

  • Actively managing the inventory of important information assets
  • Defining the necessary roles in managing those information assets
  • Keeping the quality of the information at the optimal level
  • Safely guarding information privacy and security
  • Ensuring implementation of necessary information policies

Download our Slidedoc now!