How to gain insights in all this (big) data?

Analytics to make complex information simple, insight to make your experts even better at what they do

70% of all companies find analytics extremely important. However, only 2% of these companies claim that their analytics efforts are influencing their business in a positive manner. How to find the ROI on analytics? And if you have a business case, how to find the analytical and technical know-how to implement it?

Analytics is getting a lot of attention lately. New tools are marketed daily, and the applications that appear are very inspirational. As with all media, the news is very seductive, but it also shows a distorted world, where data scientists are the stars, you need terabytes of data to see something interesting, and disruption is the only way, and you need to be located near Silicon Valley to stand a chance.

At LoQutus, we provide services for Analytics & Insights, and while some fancy tools are in our toolbox, a tool is just a tool. Analytics for us is about simplifying complex data, and getting insights that make your experts even better at what they do. Information is the answer to a question, and the questions should be about how you can best execute your business strategy.

Analytics and Insights is about figuring out what information is important for your endeavors as an organization, and how data and content (structured and unstructured) needs to be treated in order to get the right answers, at the right time.

We focus on turning complex information into measurable business value. Our approach is geared towards delivering actionable business insights fast, and designed for agile & incremental change. We setup an environment to deliver information, allows for exploration, and empowers analytics & insights. We build a right-sized team around delivering analytics & insights, with information architects, business analysts, data analysts, data scientists & data engineers.

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