Analytics & Big Data

How to gain insights from (big) data?

Analytics makes complex data simple & delivers insights to make your experts even better at what they do

At LoQutus, we guide companies to tackle these and other questions. Our Data Engineers help companies by simplifying complex data with the aim of getting insights that make your experts even better at what they do. The methodology our experts use is the following:
LoQutus Analytics Methodology

Big Data and Analytics are getting a lot of attention the last years. New solutions enter the market daily, and the real-life applications you see can be very inspirational. As a result of the 'hype' almost every organisation believes that having the right insights & analytics are extremely important. However, only a few organisations claim that their analytics efforts are having a positive impact on their business. A lot of organisations are struggling with questions such as:

  • How do you calculate the Return on Investment for our efforts in Analytics?
  • Where do we find the know-how to assist with Big Data projects and rolling-out meaningful analytics?
  • Who can guide us through the 'Big Data & Analytics landscape', with over 900 solutions sold by vendors!?
  • How do we align business & IT requirements?
  • What can we do to ensure adoption once we roll out analytics across the organisation (and avoid people going back to Excel)?
  • How does the Internet of Things fit in our current analytics/big data projects?
  • What can we do with all the sensor data?

    As you can see we need to begin by asking the right questions. 'Information' retrieved from data is always the answer to a question, and the questions asked should be in line with your business strategy. Our Data Engineers help companies to figure out what information is important for their endeavours as an organization. Together with our customers we analyse how data and content (structured and unstructured) needs to be treated in order to get the right answers, at the right time.

    Last but not least we also assist companies with building and training data teams to enable future success. The end goal for our experts is to turn complex information into measurable business value.

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    To illustrate this we've added some pictures and links to presentations, case studies, and projects we have rolled out.

    The first case is the result of our participation during a Hackathon organised by Dynacity and the City of Ghent. We gave them insights in the utilisation of public parkings and could help them predict the occupancy rate for every time of day throughout the year. This in turn allows visitors to check beforehand how busy it will be and which public parkings will have capacity at the time of arrival.
    LoQutus Ghent Hackathon Result
    "After you achieved this in one day, I'm very curious to see what you can do in 10 days!" - Bart Rousseau, Chief Data Officer for City of Ghent

    Following our success in the hackathon we realised an ambitious project with 'Gent Levert', an umbrella organisation responsible for all parcel deliveries within the city center of Ghent. You can read more about it in the presentation linked below.
    Case study: Gent Levert - Smart city dashboarding

    Our self-service analytics framework

    Our work on Healthcare Analytics for several hospitals together with Möbius

    LoQutus Analytics Example


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