Case Management

A successful organization is based on three indispensable pillars: information, cooperation and speed. In order to work more efficiently with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other partners employees must have access to the right information at the right time. But how can this cooperation be converted in a predefined and streamlined process?

LoQutus can rely on years of experience in case management and uses a very specific case management approach which starts by defining the different cases and then goes through a whole process up to the implementation of the case management tooling. LoQutus helps the government and medium-sized to large organizations to manage their different operating processes quickly and efficiently.

And what if this cooperation cannot be covered by just one straight-forward process?

Adaptive Case Management offers a flexible and adjustable solution which evolves together with all the changes that occur in a process and its broader context: changes in procedures and work environment, in relation with partners, ... This is how Adaptive Case Management allows to treat cases efficiently, also when the course of the process cannot be exactly defined in advance.

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