What we do

Digital Innovation Lab

How do you kickstart digital innovation within your organization?

Hybrid Integration Platforms

How do you integrate your different systems, customer platforms, partner ecosystem, and even ‘things’ into the IT landscape? Our experts have the answers.

Data Architecture & Insights

Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Analysis are the 3 pillars to get from ‘raw data’ to valuable insights to improve your organization.

Enterprise Architecture

Data-driven (re)design of your IT landscape to become a digital leader, and to adapt to digital transformation.

App modernization

How do you move your legacy on-premise IT Systems to the Cloud?

Customer experience and engagement

Do you want to embrace digital leadership? One of the key foundations of digital leaders is the interaction with customers.

Employee Productivity & Collaboration

One of the paths digital leaders choose is to optimize of employee productivity and to kickstart collaboration.

Our approach



Our lead strategists, enterprise architects, and analysts work together with IT, business, and management at our clients.  After identifying the challenges and requirements we develop a strategic roadmap to realize the vision. We also act as a vendor-independent adviser to offer you a range of possible solutions to solve specific IT challenges.

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Once you have selected the right solution(s) for your situation, and determined the roadmap to get to the vision, our developers will assist you with the implementation. Our software craftsmen integrate, build, or customize the platforms or solutions. Our colleagues at AXI also provide answers to hardware/hosting needs.

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Digital transformation never stops and our aim is to keep supporting you even after the solutions and platforms are in place. We provide training, coaching, and guidance so your employees can work with the implemented systems. We regularly follow-up to check user adoption and feedback, or to deploy updates & improvements.

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    Presentation Toolbelt: Office Remote


    I love presenting. No wait, I really love presenting. Sending a message to your audience, convincing them, understanding their needs, comforting them, challenging them, taking them on a journey, making them feel inspired, soothing their souls with insightful bliss, … But getting your audience to...

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    Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen


    28/11/2019 – Ook dit jaar werd Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen van het Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen georganiseerd in het ICC in Gent. Met 400 bezoekers meer dan vorig jaar en een registratiestop wegens volboekt, beloofde de Trefdag een groot succes te worden. Bij het binnenkomen overviel je...

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  • M’eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat AXI-group teambuilding


    During the weekend of 4 and 5 October 2019 we had our AXI, LoQutus, Ground lion and Elegio teambuilding event in Valkenburg. Our colleague Tim Cassauwers (AXI) captured his impressions of the busy weekend with all his colleagues. To be honest I wasn’t really looking...

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  • Meet our colleague, Anton Van Avermaet


    Why do our people love working at LoQutus? We asked them, turned their answers into values, published these on our website and hung them on our office walls. But they all have their own personal reasons why they started at LoQutus and why they stay....

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  • LoQutus & Ground lion donated twelve laptops to Spelotheek Pipo in support of families with digital endeavours


    The Toy Libraries Pipo and Speelvogel are two of the seven Neighbourhood Play Clubs in Ghent that support youth welfare work in the areas Rabot and Brugse Poort. A Toy Library is a lending service for play- & learn materials but also a place where...

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  • Blog

    Yammer topic IDs don’t match in Network Export data


    When you export Yammer Network data, it results in a .zip file with several .csv files that contain data for messages, users, groups, topics, … Topics are “tags” a user can use, like: The Issue When data is exported by Yammer to CSV, this is...

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