What we do

Digital Innovation Lab

How do you kickstart digital innovation within your organization?

Hybrid Integration Platforms

How do you integrate your different systems, customer platforms, partner ecosystem, and even ‘things’ into the IT landscape? Our experts have the answers.

Data Architecture & Insights

Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Analysis are the 3 pillars to get from ‘raw data’ to valuable insights to improve your organization.

Enterprise Architecture

Data-driven (re)design of your IT landscape to become a digital leader, and to adapt to digital transformation.

App modernization

How do you move your legacy on-premise IT Systems to the Cloud?

Customer experience and engagement

Do you want to embrace digital leadership? One of the key foundations of digital leaders is the interaction with customers.

Employee Productivity & Collaboration

One of the paths digital leaders choose is to optimize of employee productivity and to kickstart collaboration.

Our approach



Our lead strategists, enterprise architects, and analysts work together with IT, business, and management at our clients.  After identifying the challenges and requirements we develop a strategic roadmap to realize the vision. We also act as a vendor-independent adviser to offer you a range of possible solutions to solve specific IT challenges.

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Once you have selected the right solution(s) for your situation, and determined the roadmap to get to the vision, our developers will assist you with the implementation. Our software craftsmen integrate, build, or customize the platforms or solutions. Our colleagues at AXI also provide answers to hardware/hosting needs.

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Digital transformation never stops and our aim is to keep supporting you even after the solutions and platforms are in place. We provide training, coaching, and guidance so your employees can work with the implemented systems. We regularly follow-up to check user adoption and feedback, or to deploy updates & improvements.

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Fresh news from LoQutus

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    Wrapping Office 365 Activity Reporting – the Azure Function


    This post continues on my previous post about Accessing Office 365 Activity Reports using Power BI or Excel – the OAuth Question. In this post I’ll talk about a solution to wrap OAuth madness into an Azure function, so your reporting tool doesn’t have to think about...

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    Accessing Office 365 Activity Reports using Power BI or Excel – the OAuth Question


    I hope you’re ready for another in-depth article about getting secure access to Office 365 stuff! In this blogpost, I’d like to take you through the process of authentication and usage of the Office 365 Usage API’s in Power BI or your preferred BI tool....

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    Getting interactive insights into the organization with Office365


    For those who missed out previous blogpost about Microsoft Teams, this one builds upon it. For years I’ve received questions from customers asking for an automatic org chart, based on Active Directory. There were tools for that in SharePoint to visualize this, but nothing out...

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  • Insight

    Executing Business Rules with Excel


    There are dozens of business rule engines out there and they are not inexpensive, to say the least. There are however numerous use cases that would benefit from a simpler business rule engine, that doesn’t add huge set-up costs or high recurring costs while still allowing extensive possibilities to automate rules so you don’t have to hard-code them. In this blog we’ll explain you how to do so with Excel.

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  • News

    AXI group wishes you a Happy New Year


    Goodbye 2018, welcome 2019! Dear LoQutus fans, With the end of year in sight we would like to thank you for making 2018 another successful year in our history. We’d like to extend our gratitude towards our loyal customers, partners, and employees. 2018 was a...

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  • Blog

    A hidden gem in Office365: Teams


    It’s not easy being productive at work. There’s social media lurking around the corner and there are colleagues that keep popping by your desk. When it comes to actual work getting done, there’s more obstacles coming up: finding the scattered information, keeping your Favorites or...

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