About LoQutus

Our origin

The origin of our company’s name LoQutus lies in the Latin ‘loquor, loqui, loqutus’ (to communicate). LoQutus, or ‘the one who communicates’, is being symbolized by 2 brain halves. Like both hemispheres communicate with each other, we communicate with you. This is also our approach to let your IT systems communicate among themselves and to align your IT & business departments.

We are part of the AXI Group of companies since 2018 – combining our 18 years of expertise with their legacy, which goes back almost 40 years.  Together we have realized hundreds of projects across Belgium & The Netherlands across a broad range of industries.

Gartner identified several ways for organizations to embrace digital leadership:

  1. Offer superb customer experience
  2. Create ecosystems with partners & suppliers
  3. Boost employee productivity
  4. Integrate systems and ‘things’
  5. Gain valuable insights

At LoQutus we have organized our competence centers around these key areas. The reality is that IT projects require cooperation from a whole range of analysts, developers and experts.

Our approach



Our lead strategists, enterprise architects, and analysts work together with IT, business, and management at our clients. After identifying the challenges and requirements we develop a strategic roadmap to realize the vision. We also act as a vendor-independent adviser to offer you a range of possible solutions to solve specific IT challenges.



Once you have selected the right solution(s) for your situation, and determined the roadmap to get to the vision, our developers will assist you with the implementation. Our software craftsmen integrate, build, or customize the platforms or solutions. Our colleagues at AXI also provide answers to hardware/hosting needs.



Digital transformation never stops and our aim is to keep supporting you even after the solutions and platforms are in place. We provide training, coaching, and guidance so your employees can work with the implemented systems. We regularly follow-up to check user adoption and feedback, or to deploy updates & improvements.

We guide organizations to become digital leaders.





LoQutus was founded in 2002 by Joachim Vanden Brande surrounded by a small group of people with an extensive expertise in Enterprise Application Integration and ICT architecture in general.

Möbius group


After a period of intense cooperation with the Möbius group, in 2004-2005 the partnership became structural and LoQutus became an integral part of the Möbius group. The Möbius group counts more than 120 employees who are active in Business Consulting, ICT Consulting and operate from Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Headquarter moves to Huize Minne


In May 2012 LoQutus moved his headquarter to Sint-Martens-Latem at Huize Minne (home of a fascinating artist).

Keeps on growing


Today more than 40 people are working for LoQutus and we keep on growing!

Foundation of Ground lion


Ground lion, a state-of-the-art platform for Adaptive Case Management, is born!

Bigger, better and brighter office!


LoQutus keeps on growing and moves to the Westerm building, Sint-Denijs-Westrem. A bigger, brighter and future-proof office!

Specialization and innovation


LoQutus keeps growing its core teams and expanding the service offering. In addition to our existing expertise in Enterprise Architecture, Information Management, and Enterprise Integration, we have expanded in new domains such as Analytics & Insights, Data Engineering, IoT, chatbots, and end-to-end Digital Innovation.

LoQutus & Ground lion join AXI Group


LoQutus & Ground lion join the AXI Group. The AXI Group consists of 4 subsidiaries & employs 350 IT experts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Together we offer our customers a broad range of cutting edge IT solutions, IT services, and consultancy.