Business at the speed of paper

Are you struggling with the vast amount of information on paper coming into your organization every day? Do you experience it as a day-to-day challenge to limit the pile of unprocessed paperwork? Is paper taking over your Legal, Finance and HR departments? Do you have the keen ambition to stop the paper flow and convert it into a smooth and fast paced digital information “high way”?

The shift to a paperless office seems as a “David vs Goliath” head-to-head battle, stating you as the underdog.
This blog post will highlight the pains of a paperful office and will emphasize your benefits of a paperless office.

The advantages of a paperless office are bipartite. On the one hand, you minimize your environmental footprint, on the other hand, your business profits because you limit paper costs, you improve your business efficiency, you can profit insights and you can manage the growing amount of information, anytime, anywhere.
In this blog, I will not go into the details of the environmental impact, just know that it takes more than 10 liters of water to make one sheet of paper, but I will go into detail on the mentioned other advantages to your business, because in the end that’s what we’re all interested in, is it not?

Let’s start with an easy one, paper costs. They can be enormous, but aren’t that visible in our day to day business. Imagine 50 clients receive an invoice on a monthly base, including timesheet details. For each client, 2 sheets of paper in a brown envelope are delivered by a mail man, every month. Those invoices are prepared and printed by the office manager, timesheets are validated by the project managers, and again printed by the office manager. The office manager puts them both in the envelope, put a stamp on it, and brings them all to the postal office. Every month.

50 clients, 50 invoices, 5 minutes preparing, 5 minutes validating, 2 minutes printing per invoice. Equals 12 minutes per invoice, 600 minutes per month. 7200 minutes each year, a rock solid 120 hours or 15 business days.
And keep in mind, next to these costs, indirect costs like ink cartridges, paper and stamps need to be added too.

What I’m trying to state with this example, is that those actions take quite some time, and prevent your office manager and project managers from doing what they’re good at.
If you can shift these monthly tasks to a digital approach, you’ll not only save those costs, but you will be able to implement your invoicing process more efficiently.

Paper and efficiency aren’t always the best fit. Paper can be lost or forgotten, preventing you to work when travelling. There is no version history on printed documents, you can’t work together on one document at the same time and you will end up re-printing and scanning each document. Start managing your documents online, get ready for the growing amount of data, and lead your company to the well-known anytime, anywhere way of working. Shifting the daily focus from paper work to knowledge work, will allow you and your employees to grow.

They have to spend less time on numbing operational work (not many find printing invoices stimulating work) and can focus on their core tasks, supported by a proper digital environment.

Another advantage of a paperless office, is that you can leverage the online content and get the insights you need. Search and find the information you need, get insight on the recently added and modified documents and discover key information which serves as a solid base of your decisions every day.

We all experienced the joy and ease of use of paper in the past. But today’s business is shifting to a digital way of working, allowing employees to stay connected anytime, anywhere. This allows you to limit paper related costs and let your company focus on efficiency and offers you the insights you need.

Start defeating your Goliath today and get in touch!

Jens Bontinck