Executive summary

AGIOn is a Flemish government agency that manages infrastructure projects for educational purposes. Employees had to manage 1000s of cases every year, and were still doing this using paper sheets/forms and folders. They wanted to embrace a digital approach for more efficient processing of these cases. That is why AGIOn and LoQutus started the ‘ALPHA’ project in 2010.


Difficulties during the processing of cases:

  • Every case consists of different sub-cases with their own strict processes & regulation
  • As a result of limited budgets & time, cases ended up on a waiting list & are processed in batches
  • Manual processing takes a lot of time from knowledge workers & case managers that could be spent more effectively
  • A lack of standardization compromises communication consistency & collaboration

In short, it was time to move away from paper cases and to embrace a sophisticated digital solution.


These projects took a few years and were gradually rolled-out in 3 phases.

  • Business & functional analysts created a standard process for each type of subsidy
  • We developed an adaptive case management solution (this would eventually become the Ground lion platform)
  • Implementation of the solution, as well as ensuring integrations with SharePoint & Microsoft Excel
  • AgilePoint was implemented as well for process support and managing workflows


  • Management can quickly see an overview of ‘work to be done’, status of each dossier, and follow-up on budgets and work planning
  • The set-up enables knowledge workers to easily do complex calculations when working on subsidy projects
  • Case managers are able to improve the efficiency & service levels – for example they can quickly find the correct information to respond to inquiries
  • Over 20 check lists, featuring 200 different checks & balances, guarantee compliance with a complex & ever-changing regulatory landscape

The next step

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