Executive summary

BEBAT is responsible for collecting, sorting, and processing of all batteries in Belgium. Consumers can return their used batteries in retail stores, schools, recycling parks, etc. Bebat picks up these batteries, sorts and processes them.

“When we work with LoQutus we really appreciate the fact that they really understand our business. They are also adept at translating ‘IT language’ for our business people, ensuring that everyone involved understands where we are heading.” – Katrien Busselot, Logistics & Recycling Manager at BEBA


There are 24.000 collection points all over Belgium, and an annual collected weight of over 3800 tons, so this presents quite the logistical challenge. BEBAT works together with a broad network of partners: independent transport companies, shops/schools/companies that serve as drop-off points, consumers that have questions, etc. Recently they also became responsible for recycling batteries used for electric vehicles (e-bikes, cars, electric buses, etc.), increasing the complexity of their partner ecosystem.

Therefore they have embraced digitalization to increase efficiency across their whole supply chain & logistics. On top of that they have improved service levels towards their partners, collection points, and citizens.


BEBAT started working with LoQutus in 2011 and BEBAT really made use of our wide-ranging expertise to become a digital leader. These are a few of the projects we realised for them:

  • Building a digital system to automate logistical operations
  • Setting up a Data Warehouse
  • API Management
  • Expanding towards a digital ecosystem to enable partners, citizens, etc.
  • Providing BEBAT with the right analytics & insights on their platform to further optimize operations
  • Developing & implementing a chatbot (Barry, the BEBAT Bot!)
  • Revamping their intranet


  • The trucks collecting batteries now do 54% less trips than in 2012.
  • The collection trips are more efficient with trucks bringing back more batteries per haul.
  • In the end thanks to LoQutus, BEBAT saves on CO² emissions, time & money!

The next step

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