Executive summary

BekaertDeslee is a leading global specialist in the development and production of mattress textiles, mattress covers and creative sleep solutions. The company, with its head office in Waregem, is part of the German investment group Haniel. BekaertDeslee employs 2,500 people worldwide at 22 locations across six continents.

“We needed a strategic partner who could guide and advise us on complicated projects and we have certainly found that with LoQutus”Rik holvoet, CIO at BekaertDeslee


By May 2018, companies within the European Union must comply with the European Directive ‘General Data Protection Regulation’, better known by the English abbreviation GDPR. BekaertDeslee chose the pragmatic approach of LoQutus to enable compliance with the new privacy legislation.

‘The biggest challenge was finding the personal data within the company: 20% of this information is clearly visible, but 80% is so-called ‘free form data’ ‘Chris Van Daele, Data Protection Officer LoQutus


The GDPR project in a nutshell

1. Workshop for the Board about privacy and GDPR.
2. Interviews with the responsible managers about how to handle personal data.
3. Provide the template for creating a processing register, processing contract, and data breach declaration document.
4. Create awareness concerning privacy and GDPR among employees.
5. Assist in compiling the processing register, privacy communication plan, Binding Corporate Rules.
6. Verifying the laws with the BekaertDeslee legal department


  • BekaertDeslee is ready to offer the best customer experience, while adhering to GDPR
  • All departments are aligned and aware of the pitfalls and best practices concerning data & privacy
  • They have a clear overview and full control of all personal data

The next step

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