Fost Plus

Executive summary

Created in 1994 by the industry sector, Fost Plus is a non-profit organisation responsible for collecting and sorting household packaging waste in Belgium. However, the 20-year old existing Fost Plus client-server platform, no longer meets current needs and the company wanted to better align business and IT. As a result, Fost Plus created a well thought out renewal project with LoQutus as a strategic partner.


The IT infrastructure that was developed over 15 years was almost end-of-life. The underlying systems and platforms started showing their age and were not future-proof.

Through IT Landscape Redesign Fost Plus not only wanted to create new platforms, but also to optimize and modernize their whole IT infrastructure.

Business & IT priorities were not always aligned, and stakeholders on both sides did not communicate that much.


Fost Plus defined its specific needs following an internal survey. The LoQutus experts then translated them into bespoke workable solutions within a completely new cooperation framework aligning Business and IT.

The first step of the BITA project was the appointment of the formal position of Enterprise Architect within Fost Plus. This was followed by the creation of a BITA Board. This group consists of five people and has a 360° vision of the organisation. Their task is to complete the Business & IT Alignment in an optimal way.

Meanwhile, both partners developed an IT Roadmap for the next four years (2014-2017). The Roadmap is fully aligned with the strategic objectives of Fost Plus and clearly states what projects will be carried out at what time: new applications, changes to existing applications, etc.


  • The Roadmap is fully aligned with the strategic objectives of Fost Plus to ensure competitiveness and growth
  • Business – IT alignment has been improved, Business now participates with IT as a constructive stakeholder
  • Everyone is aware of the the future developments at Fost Plus and how this will help the business
  • IT budgets have become leaner, but everyone is happier with the achieved results

The next step

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