Executive summary

Gevers makes sure patents and brands are registered and stay registered. Gevers wants a client portal that makes a difference. So they decided to transform the existing portal into a visual one. With the new portal the client decides what, how and at what time he receives advice in a visual manner. Watch the customer success story!


Why was there a need for a new portal?

  • the existant portal wasn’t performant and powerful enough
  • the data was displayed very static
  • there was no knowledge on how the data was handled



LoQutus started by making an elaborate analysis of the business needs in the client portal and then documenting them in the different use cases. The Gevers and LoQutus teams always worked very closely together according to the Agile working method to obtain the best results.


  • better overview on how the portal works and how to modify and expand it
  • a user-friendly web interface
  • possible to offer operational data, but also advice to customers
  • working method as a lesson for future reference

The next step

Isalien Van Laere
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