Kind en Gezin

Executive summary

Kind & Gezin (K&G), together with external partners, establishes ‘Houses for Children’ (Huizen van het Kind) to locally support families with children. The program is in full swing in the Flemish region and Brussels. However, K&G had not found a suitable case management system yet to manage its start-up efforts and carry on business, including management of the application process for accreditation and subsidies by prospective ‘Huizen van het Kind’ participants.



In order to be eligible for accreditation and possible subsidies as a ‘Huis van het Kind’, prospective participants must submit an application to K&G. This application follows a dynamic process, which ultimately leads to the application being approved or not. Even after approval, the case remains as a living document.

Luc Poels, Project leader ICT at K&G, says their existing case management system was not always efficient, due to:

  • Excel-files and email traffic among internal and external parties
  • which makes it difficult to effectively share information in a timely manner
  • which may compromise monitoring and the mutual exchange of information



K&G was looking for a new way of working, with support systems that are flexible enough to respond quickly to changing situations. The process does not always follow a clearly delineated course.

LoQutus conducted a very detailed functional analysis in a very short time and came up with a particularly pragmatic, product- and solution-independent approach. And they were able to present it in a way that was understandable to both business users and IT, serving as a bridge between these two departments.

You can learn more about adaptive case management at the website of our spin-off, Ground lion.



  • our functional analysis provided insights to K&G on how to automate several complex processes, boosting collaboration between stakeholders
  • the Ground lion platform has been successfully deployed for adoption cases & special allowances for children with a disability

The next step

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