Executive summary

In 2010 the public transport provider for Brussels (MIVB/STIB) started a project with LoQutus & IBM.  They wanted to improve monitoring of technical components of vehicles, sales equipment, and ticket vending machines. They wanted a software layer enabling the collection, analysis and reporting of all data. To achieve this we assisted with the selection, configuration & integration of IBM Operational Decision Manager and IBM Business Monitor.



Every day about one million travelers use STIB-MIVB’s vending machines, turnstiles and transport services (busses / trams), which causes an overwhelming data stream (thousands per second). The analysis of these realtime data is too much to handle for one person or even one team. That’s why STIB-MIVB was looking for a software-based solution to analyze and filter all these data.




  1. Monitoring, analyzing and filtering realtime information from vehicles,  ticket machines, and infrastructure (eg. turnstiles)
  2. Implementing a‘green list’ for the ticket machines and turnstiles: vending and accepting tickets, but also recognizing public transport subscription cards and allowing newly ones asap as well
  3. Implementing a ‘black list’ for the ticket machines and turnstile: recognizing and not allowing overdue and/or invalid subscriptions
  4. Assisting the implementation & roll-out towards thousands of turnstiles, equipped with telephony and cameras


  • MIVB now has real-time Business Activity Monitoring allowing them to detect problems this has reduced repair time
  • The technology allows them to save time & move from reacting to problems to preventing them instead
  • By implementing up-to-date blacklists for ticket machines and turnstiles they are boosting profits & cutting down on fare dodging
  • Management receives a detailed and reliable report on key KPIs and metrics

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