Executive summary

LoQutus helped MLOZ-IT to create an ESB-integration reference architecture based on their requirements. We also provided clear guidelines on the right course of action.

As usual our experts helped with the implementation of the chosen solution, IBM Integration Bus.

Keeping in line with our methodology of ‘architect, assist, assure’ we were on hand to develop further improvements and future projects.



The first challenge was convincing the MLOZ-IT management of the need for an ESB solution and a competence centre, especially with regard to the return on required investments for both purchasing the product and training of the users. The smooth course of the first projects, however, quickly assured the management that it was a good decision for the future of the organisation.

The next challenge was convincing employees of the benefits this way of working would bring. “Point-to-Point was strongly embedded in our earlier way of working, but that had to change,” Savonet explains. “As you might expect, our people were initially somewhat resistant to the changes required. For them, the need for a centrally managed platform was less evident. But this is where the ECC demonstrated its usefulness in training employees and getting them on board with the new way of working: the team developed guidelines and best practices, supervised implementation projects, and more.”

Meanwhile, everyone within MLOZ-IT has recognised the added value that the project brings. “Sometimes, we still are lacking the right mindset in certain areas,” Savonet adds. “But eventually, we believe everyone in the organisation will be fully on board. The integration of customer services will form an important next step for the organisation.”



“Within MLOZ-IT, we see the ECC as a long-term project. It soon became clear to us that LoQutus’ role was not yet finished. We needed consultants to continue guiding and supporting us in our projects in the coming years.” – Wim Savonet, Team Coordinator at MLOZ-IT


Overall, the MLOZ-IT staff has responded well to the new ESB solution and to the ECC and its supportive role. When a problem occurs, LoQutus is often already aware of the cause and can quickly offer efficient solutions. The ECC ensures very high added value within the project: training employees and overseeing project implementation are critical to the success of implementations of this nature. The consensus was that the implementation would have run much less smoothly if an external team had been used.

For MLOZ-IT’s customers, the health insurance funds, turnaround times have become considerably shorter and there is more capacity for maintenance and support of various services. Maintenance costs have also decreased significantly, with everything running much more smoothly thanks to the transparency these new applications deliver.

The next step

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