North Sea Port (formerly Port of Ghent)

Executive summary

LoQutus is helping North Sea Port, known as ‘Port of Ghent’ before their merger, since 2013. The past 5 year we have guided them on the road towards digital leadership. A clear focus was put on boosting employee productivity & collaboration by means of implementing a digital workplace.

“Actually we really like to work together with the people of LoQutus. They are atypical IT people: while they know a lot about IT, they also communicate clearly with the business side and with management.” – Els Verfaillie, IT & GIS Coordinator at North Sea Port


Why did the Port of Ghent involve LoQutus? Their initial experiments with SharePoint did not bring about the results they hoped for, so they decided to involve our experts.

Here are some of the trends & challenges they were facing:

  • North Sea Port gradually evolved into a knowledge organization, how do you support this?
  • How to (re)train employees to adapt to the shift from operational activities towards administrative processes?
  • How do you avoid the loss of expertise within an aging team & transfer this to new employees?
  • With a rejuvenation of the workforce they wanted to implement a modern & efficient work environment.

“With the average employee aged 49, we find ourselves at the threshold of a major change: approximately half of the employees will be leaving in the next few years.” – Dieter Boedts, Director Organization & Staff



How did LoQutus approach this project?:

  • SWOT analysis to see if SharePoint was the best solution for North Sea Port (it was)
  • Comprehensive business analysis to detail the specific needs & optimize SharePoint to address these
  • Helping North Sea Port to outline the tender
  • Supervising & assisting with implementation of SharePoint
  • Data quality review and finetuning data governance together with all departments.
  • Step-by-step migration towards SharePoint
  • Drafting a roadmap to list future improvements to evolve towards a truly ‘digital workplace’

“Their contribution truly made the difference. It quickly became apparent that LoQutus gets involved on both a micro and a macro level. This close collaboration enables them to deliver invaluable expert advice. They truly deliver the deliverables and keep their promises.” – Mieke Popelier, Information Manager


  • SharePoint has been implemented in a way that fits the organization’s needs and challenges
  • Knowledge and expertise are now available for posterity
  • Newcomers can quickly learn from 30+ years of experience of their predecessors, even if those are retired
  • Collaboration between departments is at an all-time high & people work more efficiently

In short: North Sea Port has fully embraced a Digital Workplace to boost employee productivity & collaboration.

The next step

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