Vlaams Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid

Executive summary

The VAZG is a Flemish Government Agency and responsible for around 35 different sectors and policy areas in care and prevention. Due to this complexity it was challenging to (re)design their IT architecture. VAZG wanted to adapt to changes in society, such as flexible work policies. Furthermore they really wanted to increase employee productivity and to foster collaboration.

“LoQutus makes sure that the project evolves at the speed the customer requires.” – Dominique Dejonckheere, IT Director at VAZG


  1. Their existing set-up did not support flexible ‘work-from-anywhere’ policies
  2. Collaboration between departments and with external parties was often not possible
  3. Unstructured drives and duplicate documents were common, sharing information was difficult

To sum up these challenges: VAZG wanted to embrace a real digital workplace to improve efficiency & productivity. They wanted their teams to collaborate more across departments to come up with better solutions. Last but not least they wanted to offer their employees the flexibility that they came to expect in the 21st century.



LoQutus guided by structuring the information architecture and comparing different solutions to these challenges.

After VAZG decided to go for a centralized SharePoint environment with a modern and thematic lay-out, LoQutus assisted them with implementation and migration.

Project sites and workplaces allowed project-based teams to work more efficiently together. Information is presented through a user-friendly UI, allowing people to quickly access what the documents they need.

Last but not least LoQutus assists VAZG with change management, user training and coaching, to ensure high user adoption throughout the organization.


  • Increased collaboration between teams, with external partners, and with other departments of government
  • People can work-from-anywhere & on any device, leading to a better work-life balance
  • With the adoption of a modern digital workplace the whole organization becomes more efficient, knowledge flows more freely, and better solutions are put in place to take care of the many responsibilities and domains where VAZG operates

The next step

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