Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen

Executive summary

The Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen (VMSW – Flemish Society for Social Housing) is an external autonomous agency of the Flemish government within the area ‘Environment’. The VMSW makes social housing possible by financing and supporting local organizations such as housing companies and rental agencies. They assist in renting apartments and houses, building and financing housing infrastructure for social housing projects and providing the Vlaamse Woonlening (Flemish Housing Loan) to private persons.

“Enterprise Architecture is a very powerful approach to an organization” – Tom Vanden Eede, Head of budget & debt management at VMSW


The VMSW aims to meet the current expectations and requirements of their customers even more. In addition, they want to be prepared to respond more quickly to future evolutions at the organizational level such as new services, channels and user groups. In the classic evolution towards digital support for existing paper processes in the past years, the VMSW has been developing the required software per department. Unfortunately, over time, this caused problems and conflicts all too often when different departments went to query and manage information separately.

“In a very natural way, the need for an overall vision of the organization began to grow along with the requirement to manage all its information more centrally to be shared mutually.” – Tom Vanden Eede, Head of budget & debt management at VMSW


To achieve this, LoQutus made a complete analysis of the organization. This analysis was then presented to the VMSW and quickly became the ground rule for the entire scope. Out of the initial analysis, a future-proof strategic roadmap was composed in which several projects and priorities were identified to develop the to-be company architecture step by step. It’s a crucial tool for better management of the organization.


  • A future-proof strategic roadmap
  • Increased collaboration between colleagues, customers and external partners
  • Better supported core processes, efficient information management and easier monitoring
  • Able to respond more flexibly to regulatory and procedural changes


The next step

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