Digital Reporting at ArcelorMittal enabled by a Modern Data Platform


Thursday the 12th of December ArcelorMittal & LoQutus would like to welcome you at LoQutus’ HQ in Ghent for our joint analytics event!

ArcelorMittal is the worlds largest steel producer, producing over 93 million tonnes of steel in 2018. To enable the smooth running of the business, many KPI’s are being followed up across different business units on a weekly basis, covering Production, Quality, Safety, HR and others.

With the Digital Reporting program, ArcelorMittal has the objective to move legacy reporting tools to a modern environment, enabling faster follow-up of KPI’s and deeper analysis into the root causes of deviations. A key objective of the program is to move from checking all the KPI’s on a weekly basis to ‘managing the exceptions’ and gaining a lot of precious time.

The program brings together improvements for employee productivity as well as business intelligence, two core aspects of the LoQutus offering. LoQutus is guiding ArcelorMittal in the architecture, design and implementation of these important changes.

ArcelorMittal has chosen the Microsoft Platform for the key technology aspects of this program. This includes the Digital Workplace tools (Teams, OneDrive, …), Application Development tools (.Net Framework) and Modern Data Platform tools (SQL Server and the Azure Data Platform with Power BI Premium).

At the event ArcelorMittal will present the different aspects of the program and its key success factors. LoQutus will also share some best practices in moving towards a modern data platform that enables self-service BI.



Dinner & Drinks – Networking with ArcelorMittal & LoQutus experts


ArcelorMittal Digital Reporting Case
Presentation by Daan Van Britsom, Data Scientist at ArcelorMittal’s Industrial Automation Department


LoQutus’ Best Practices for Building a Modern Data Platform, enabling Self-Service BI
Presentation by Thomas Michem, Data Architect at LoQutus


Dessert & Drinks – Networking with LoQutus & ArcelorMittal experts

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