Digital transformation at Milcobel guided by LoQutus & LeanIX


Thursday the 17th of October we would like to welcome you at our offices in Ghent for our Enterprise Architecture LoQutus – LeanIX event!

During this free event we offer you two sessions:


1. Digital transformation at Milcobel guided by LoQutus & LeanIX

Milcobel is the largest dairy cooperation in Belgium, processing over 1.8 billion liters of milk per year into cheese, ice cream, powdered milk and other products.

Amongst others grown from the fusion of different cooperations and companies, and producing and trading a wide variety of products, the need for uniformity and consolidation is high on the agenda.

Milcobel has the objective of modelling the organisation completely and comprehensively. In support of their striving for the ability to change, LoQutus is guiding Milcobel in the introduction of enterprise architecture, using LeanIX.

In this session we’ll share our insights in the modelling of a production and logistics environment, as well as the introduction of SAP HANA.

By Alexander Borry, Enterprise Architect at LoQutus Linkedin


2. LeanIX, Enterprise Architecture Success Kit

Our partner LeanIX is coming over from Germany to share how they are helping hundreds of companies such as Zalando, Adidas, Bosch, and DHL with their challenges surrounding Enterprise Architecture Management.

They will share their Enterprise Architecture Success Kit – showing how you can reduce costs & risks, while allowing your organization to become more agile.

By Neil O’Connor, Partner Development Manager at LeanIX LinkedIn

and Katharina Bach, Marketing Manager at LeanIX Linkedin


This event is free of charge, but make sure to register if you would like to attend and please inform us in time if you’re prevented from joining. Thank you!




Dinner & Drinks – Networking with LoQutus & LeanIX experts


Digital transformation at Milcobel guided by LoQutus & LeanIX


LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Success Kit


Dessert & Drinks – Networking with LoQutus and LeanIX experts