Microsoft & LoQutus: Azure PaaS as a business enabler


Thursday the 6th of February 2020 Microsoft & LoQutus would like to welcome you at Microsoft Belgium’s HQ in Zaventem for our free, joint event on Microsoft Azure! You can register at the bottom of the page.

Cloud is a hot topic today and – just like our climate – it isn’t going to cool down any time soon. Most of us have only scratched the surface, but there is much more to be found than just using one of the popular SaaS solutions like Office 365 or moving your servers from your datacenter to IaaS. During our afternoon sessions we’ll tell you all about why you should consider moving to Azure PaaS from a business perspective and we’ll guide you through several hands-on opportunities provided by the platform.

13.30-14.00: OPENING KEYNOTE

Bart Van Wonterghem, Azure Training Program Manager – Worldwide Learning from Microsoft, will take it up a notch and dive into the ‘why’ of building cloud native software, giving you a complete overview of the business drivers that justify why you should consider going down this road.

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After that, LoQutus will provide you with three real world use cases that apply cloud native technology:

14.00-14.30: Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure PAAS

Let’s make a bold statement. Why do companies need IT infrastructure? The answer is simple: to build & run applications. Unless you are a hosting company or a (private) cloud provider, there is no inherent business value in IT infrastructure.

So what if you could put an end to the perils of managing IT infrastructure and just focus on what matters most – building & running the apps that your (internal) customers value? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Sebastiaan Mindreau LinkedIn

14:45-15:15: Low code development with the Microsoft Power Platform

Your users are probably already on board with the basic set of tools in Office 365 – Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive. But there’s more to explore! In this world of bring-your-own-IT and citizen development, end users need more to feel empowered.

Dries will show you what you can do with Power Automate, Power Apps and Microsoft Teams to enrich the experience for your users and to empower them to work more efficiently. Doing so by analyzing data, building solutions and automating and standardizing very time-consuming processes across your organization. With the Power Platform we’ll try to transform your business from the ground up!

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15:15-15:45: Building Data-Driven Solutions with the Azure Data Platform

When thinking about the right environment to let Analytics & Insights initiatives thrive, architectures quickly include the cloud. The cloud has interesting options for scaling, ease of access and the latest and greatest product offerings.

In this session, Thomas will give an overview of the Azure Cloud Data Platform and how you can get started. The data and analytics building blocks allow your organisation to quickly combine these into a working solution for your use cases. From ingesting and transforming data with Azure Data Factory, performant data environments with Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Analysis Services and Data Lake Storage, up to delivering insights with the Power BI platform. For interactive data-driven apps, the Azure Platform can also deliver web application using the most powerful data analysis languages R and Python. Thomas will also showcase some demos of how LoQutus delivers these state-of-the-art solutions for its clients.

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Welcome & Lunch – Networking with Microsoft & LoQutus experts


Opening keynote by Bart Van Wonterghem, Azure Training Program Manager – Worldwide Learning at Microsoft BeLux


Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure PAAS by Sebastiaan Mindreau, Senior O365 Consultant at LoQutus


Short Break


Low code development with the Microsoft Power Platform by Dries Verdonckt, Employee Productivity Lead Strategist


Building Data-Driven Solutions with the Azure Data Platform by Thomas Michem, Data Architect at LoQutus


Coffee & Drinks – Networking with Microsoft & LoQutus experts

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