Study Day: The successful implementation of O365


Office 365 is an integrated apps & services experience, designed to make employees cooperate more efficiently. The implementation of the platform however, is not that straightforward.

It is a real challenge for companies. How can you introduce all the O365 tools to your employees? How can you guarantee a good organization and cooperation between the different tools? How can you ensure documents are easily found and recovered? How can you protect confidential documents? How can you provide good support?

Our Office 365 experts from AXI and daughter company LoQutus wille guide you through the correct approach.

During our Study Day The successful implementation of Office 365 we will focus on the deployment of the Office 365 environment, the usability features of the Office 365 tools, the change management, the licensing models and the elaboration of a good service level agreement.


13.35-14.15: Getting started with Office 365: walking you through it

The Microsoft Office 365 environment is a powerful and diverse platform. To get the most out of it, it’s not sufficient to tell the end-users: ‘The software has been installed, you can start using it now’.  This needs to be well-thought-out. How will you handle the migration? How will you structure the information? How will you help the users find their way in the expanded platform? Which tools will you select from the 365 suite? How will you accelerate the implementation in your organisation? Which trainings do you need to organize? How will you do the single-sign set-up? How will you handle version management, information security and GDPR compliancy? These questions do not need to hunt you. During this session, Sebastiaan will guide you through a simple and  proven practice migration trajectory.

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14:30-15:15: Getting the most out of Office 365

Getting your end-users started with the basic Office 365 tools – Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive – is a great start. But there’s so much more. In this ‘bring-your-own-IT’ world, end-users need to be empowered. During this session, Dries will show you Microsoft Flow’s, PowerApps’ and Microsoft Teams’ functionalities. Tools to help the end-users automate their work streams, face business challenges and improve the internal communication. In short: creating a successful organisation.

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15:30-16:00: Making a smooth transition to Office 365

Have you decided to make the switch to Office 365? Then you will need a good migration strategy. The migration will influence and will be influenced by all departments and employees within your organisation. Carlo will explain to you why it’s not a good idea to leave it all up to your ICT department. The migration is not only a technical matter, it’s an occasion to improve your processes. Further down Carlo will also show why there will still be some work that needs to be done after the migration. He will talk about the benefits of a good service level agreement.

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16:00-16:15: Choosing the right Office 365 plan

Microsoft Office 365 can be purchased in different ways. There are different licenses possibilities and volume agreements. But… not every possibility is available in every license agreement and not every agreement is suitable for every organisation. What are the purchase possibilities for Office 365 licenses? Which agreement is best suited for your organisation? Ellen will give you some clear advice on the matter.

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Getting started with Office 365: Walking you through it




Getting the most out of Office 365




Making a smooth transition to Office 365


Choosing the right Office 365 plan


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