Meet our colleague, Isalien Van Laere

My Digital journey started in 2017 at LoQutus and Ground lion as a Business Developer. My first job interviews with HR and my then team coach were very open, both formal and informal, but also very to the point and hands-on and I immediately felt connected to the company and its culture. I did not hesitate to start working here as the atmosphere, the people, the office and the conditions I was offered all convinced me equally. I felt welcome from the very first moment!

I was given a lot of freedom and trust to put together my own agenda. Bringing on new ideas, entrepreneurship and taking new initiatives for improvement was always very much appreciated. You are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility of your role, your job. For me this was, and still is, an ideal learning and growth path, where you are allowed to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

In the middle of 2018 I got the chance to start working as an Account Manager, but I did not feel ready for this yet. I needed some more experience and wanted to learn more through business development (lead generation). This was respected by the organization and I was given the time to grow further at my own pace.

In the beginning of 2019 our Director and my team coach Joachim Vanden Brande offered me the role of dedicated Product Sales for Employee Productivity. Giving me the chance to grow further on my digital journey by representing one dedicated product offering. Ready for something new, I took the chance!

Today my job now consists out of 50% business development for the AXI-group and 50% product sales. I’m ready to continue growing and the next months I will be following several sales trainings, initiated by the organization.

A lot of people can’t believe how much I love my job… I love picking up the phone and calling prospects, and the colder the lead, the more I love it! Our offices in Ghent are open space, so I’ve appropriated myself a small meeting room, where I can work and call without disturbing the others. When people walk by and see I’m not on the phone, they often walk in to chat a bit, so I don’t have to miss being in contact with my colleagues either. LoQutus is flexible in letting me organize my work as I feel is the best way. But also in general the company is very flexible in working hours and ability to work from home, never losing sight on the aim to keep the team tight-knit by organising team buildings, knowledge- and discovery sessions or lightning talks.

The atmosphere is one of the main reasons I love working here. Everybody knows and respects each other. Every first Friday of the month, we all come together for organization meetings, team meetings and knowledge sessions, our ‘Guild gatherings’. During these gatherings, consultants are keeping each other up-to-date on their daily work challenges as well as on their personal area of expertise and growth. No great atmosphere without any great food to join off course, so Leen Van Luchem (our kick-ass Office Manager) always invites a foodtruck for lunch for the quarterly First Fridays. We also often have our ‘Lunchbox sessions’ with sandwiches, offered by the company, to share knowledge over projects with all the colleagues. And on top of all this, we have a Party Committee to add even more Team-vibe to our Company Culture by organising teambuildings, Christmas Drinks, Easter Breakfast or some inbetween/afterwork activities such as a fitness lunch break, a game night, a quiz, a meet-up at the Gentse Feesten, etc.

Maybe it’s a cliché and maybe it sounds silly, but you could describe us as one happy family. The atmosphere here is very informal and we’re all here to help each other out. And you’re truly valued as the individual that you are, where you are able to grow at your own pace in an open environment, appreciating personal initiatives and encouraging ownership and responsibility.