Meet our colleague, Ruben Delange

Why do our people love working at LoQutus? We asked them, turned their answers into values, published these on our website and hung them on our office walls. But they all have their own personal reasons why they started at LoQutus and why they stay. Here’s a chance to get to know our people, the beating heart of our organization. 

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to do what my father did. In the 1980’s, he was a pioneer as an independent IT consultant. He would strengthen and support processes within organizations and assist people as an IT Consultant… A dream of a 6-year-old boy from Vichte.

My interest in how things work and can be improved was first revealed in being a junior Lego Technics builder. If I could increase the success of the local KSA thanks to an effective website and, as icing on the cake, an automatic registration process, my path logically led me to the University of Ghent to study Industrial Engineering/Informatics.

At my first employer, Computers & Communications, I learned the basics of .NET development but after three years of work experience, I was doubting if I was on the right track in Product Development… So I thought about what my ideal job should include:

  • Team Work
  • Challenges within the job, keep it interesting
  • Use and knowledge of the latest technologies
  • Projects with a limited timeline/scope
  • An organization where you, as an individual, can make a difference, both for colleagues and customers

I was clearly looking for Consultancy. Preferably in a niche company that not only delivers projects to small companies but also larger ones such as Recupel, Bebat, … So I was clearly looking for LoQutus!

Even before the effective start date at LoQutus in 2010, I was invited to an in-company team event. I immediately got to know the entire LoQutus team and noticed how highly the Team aspect was valued. (1)

The first challenge started immediately: Alpro’s Sharepoint needed to be disconnected from a parent company. A colleague guided me in such a way that by the end of the project I was able to call myself Lead Developer on a qualitatively delivered result. (2)

My hunger for new technologies was answered on projects at Bebat for example, where I was Lead Developer along with 6 consultants, working on ASP.NET/MVC. Today this translates to Angular, Azure and ASP.NET Core amongst others. (3)

In 2016 I helped to build a structural LoQutus architecture and development approach. Maximal quality – meaning minimal bugs – would increase the content of assignments and the engagement of team members as well as reduce project timelines. As a Technical Solution Architect I have helped to draw up guidelines that are still used consistently today, due to various successes over the past years. (4)

My ideal job was achieved in 2018 when I became a Team Coach on top of my consulting job. I was able to coach colleagues through the technical and interpersonal challenges that come with the job of being a consultant. Full of enthusiasm for this challenge, I took on 9 .NET consultants as a Team Coach. (5) The team is still expanding today and so my challenging journey continues.

Today I’ve realized my dream, stepping in the footsteps of my father. As a Technical Architect Consultant I strengthen organizations on different projects. As a proud Team Coach I aim to inspire my team the way my father has always inspired me: ‘If you deliver well, if it works and it works well, then everyone will follow and together you will achieve whatever you want.’

Our aim is to keep improving as one team. Even though we don’t shout it out too loud, we are the best!