Microsoft Azure

About this technology

Microsoft Azure, your vision, your cloud.

With Microsoft Azure every enterprise can realise its ideas with a new application, edit an existing system or make a hybrid cloudapplication; no matter the platform or the state in which your cloud is.

Microsoft Azure is a private/public platform on which you can built, deploy and manage applications. It uses a technology known as virtualization. This technology separates the tight coupling between the computer CPU and its operating system using an abstraction layer called “hypervision”.

Azure enables you

  • To test and implement business-applications
  • Make adjusted mobile experiences
  • Take the practical information our of your data


App Modernization

How do you move your legacy on-premise IT Systems to the Cloud?

Employee Productivity

One of the paths digital leaders choose is to optimize of employee productivity and to kickstart collaboration.

Customer Experience & Engagement

Do you want to embrace digital leadership? One of the key foundations of digital leaders is the interaction with customers.

Data Architecture & Insights

Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Analysis are the 3 pillars to get from ‘raw data’ to valuable insights to improve your organization.

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