Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365

About this technology

For Sharepoint & Office 365 it is all about being connected. It’s a modern intranet that facilitates to create, store and share content on the web from your partners and colleagues. Sharepoint enables you to build internetsites, pages and lists to share across your company within a modern lay-out.

We will make sure that your company has an efficient employee collaboration. LoQutus will help you to take the full advantage out of Sharepoint by helping you with the implementation, integration and optimalization of the platform.

If you’re interested in how Sharepoint works, watch the video below:


App Modernization

How do you move your legacy on-premise IT Systems to the Cloud?

Employee Productivity

One of the paths digital leaders choose is to optimize of employee productivity and to kickstart collaboration.

Customer Experience & Engagement

Do you want to embrace digital leadership? One of the key foundations of digital leaders is the interaction with customers.

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