About our partnership

In 2018 we have set-up a partnership with Valo to empower our customers with their great products. They won several awards the past years, such as Best Intranet / Extranet (won in 2016 & 2017) at the European SharePoint Conference.

Valo has several products that can help you get the most out of your new SharePoint environment, to really boost employee productivity & collaboration.

  • Valo Intranet: Easy to use and beautiful solution with great communication and collaboration capabilities. Using Valo will drive user adoption and supercharge your Office 365 or SharePoint environment.
  • Valo Teamwork: Find and manage your groups, team sites and collaboration tools. Available as an add-on to Valo Intranet or stand-alone.
  • Valo Idea Management: Collect and nurture ideas using gamification. Get creative and involve your team. Available as an add-on to Valo Intranet or stand-alone.Learn more about Valo here.


Employee Productivity & Collaboration

One of the paths digital leaders choose is to optimize of employee productivity and to kickstart collaboration.

App modernization

How can you move legacy, on-premise systems to the cloud?

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