Industrial Sectors

Make the right choices to future-proof your organization

Industry 4.0, better known as Smart Industry, is in full swing. This fourth industrial revolution aims to leverage technological advances and digital transformation. LoQutus guides companies to adapt to this changed world, and to embrace the many opportunities it offers.


Because of automation, IoT, and cloud technology, factories are becoming more efficient and “smart”. A Smart Factory is characterized by its flexibility, efficiency, and collaboration with customers and partners. Sensors, machines, employees, and processes become part of a manufacturing ecosystem, that enhances and optimizes the production process. This allows companies to adapt to trends such as ‘mass customization’ and agile production.

LoQutus is a valuable partner for many manufacturing companies to guide them towards digital leadership. We help you make sense of the thousands of technology platforms and solutions out there. This guidance helps you make the right choices to future-proof for your business.

What are the benefits offered by embracing the right technology?:

  • Downtime optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Waste reduction
  • Valuable insights
  • Increased flexibility & agility
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Shorter time-to-market


The construction sector is one of the least digitized ones, but it is catching up fast. By adapting a ‘digital ecosystem’ mindset, construction companies are realizing the following benefits:

  1. Improved collaboration and risk sharing between stakeholders in projects
  2. Tackling the shortage of qualified experts through knowledge retention management
  3. Managing paperless projects and digital workplaces

Food & Beverage

Digital transformation keeps on evolving. IoT, data/knowledge management, and process automation are only a few of the innovations applied to the food & beverage industry. At every step in the food production value chain, you’ll have unique challenges and specific regulations to take into account. This makes correct information management a challenge. Luckily at LoQutus we employ experts with the right expertise in information management and experience in deploying best-in-class IT solutions.

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