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Digital Leadership for the public sector


Governments and organizations in the public sector are quickly embracing digital transformation in order to become digital leaders.

At LoQutus we have a long tradition of working with governmental organizations to guide them on this path.

  1. Improving the citizen experience with a mix of online portals and off-line touchpoints
  2. Building digital ecosystems that bridge departments and branches of government
  3. Digital workspaces that boost collaboration & productivity of civil servants
  4. Integrating and optimizing existing and new IT systems
  5. Analytics to help optimize budgets, lower costs, improve workflows, and decrease processing time

The coming decade we see a focus within government and the public sector to improve on the following areas:

Doing more with less

Public sector organizations are becoming more agile and at LoQutus we help them to improve employee productivity and collaboration. Furthermore our experts can help you build valuable ecosystems with partners outside of government, to bundle forces and speed up things.

An incredibly convenient experience 24/7

Allowing citizens and organizations to easily access government services, any way they want is a big challenge. This includes creating the right online & ‘real-life’ touchpoints and interfaces for people to submit a request, follow-up on their cases, and access their information. Great strides have been made the past few years, but the rising complexity of the IT landscape requires a knowledgeable guide. At LoQutus we have worked with organizations in the public sector since our inception. Contact us to see how we can help you!

Hyper-personalized government services

Governments have a wealth of information available about their citizens and entrepreneurs. By connecting the dots and data they can gain valuable insights that can make the lives of their citizens and organizations much easier. Offering valuable insights and services to their constituents, is one of the ways that the public sector can show and increase its relevance in the daily lives of people.

Pro-actively using data to take smart decisions

By tapping into a wealth of data governmental services can streamline operations and speed up decision making. Below we list 2 of the many possibilities – use your imagination and you will realize the sky is the limit!

Notice the air quality going down in a certain town? With the right tools you can quickly dispatch teams and find out what’s the cause.

Is traffic congestion getting worse on specific trajectories? Make real-time adaptations to traffic lights and provide live updates to drivers via intuitive apps.


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