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Learn how Service 4.0 can help companies

Learn how Service 4.0 can help companies offer a great customer experience by fundamentally transforming the way services are offered and delivered. 

HR & Social Services

The customer today has dramatically higher expectations. Customers ask for simple, interactive and highly personalised services. They expect real-time access to service providers preferably via multiple channels. The LoQutus consultants help HR Service organisations with challenges such as self-service HR, HR digital platforms and data analytics.


New (digital) business models and more connected consumers are disrupting the landscape of the utility market. From energy production to network provider, the challenges of operating in a commodity market and customer-driven economy brings the need for efficient operations and high services levels through future proof digital transformation.


The retail sector has encountered drastic changes due to digital transformation: changing consumer behaviour, the rise of omni-channel marketing, and new supply chain strategies. In order to stay competitive, retail 4.0 is the way forward.


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