App Modernization

Shift to the cloud

How do you move your legacy on-premise IT Systems to the Cloud? Lift & Shift is not the way we propose, since you can easily miss out on many of the benefits that cloud-based infrastructure offers. Hence we help companies to Lift, Tinker & Shift.

The addition of a ‘Tinker-phase’ allows companies to refactor, rewrite, and redesign during the process of moving (parts) of your applications to the cloud. Using our approach combined with the strengths of Microsoft Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) technology, our clients are able to re-architect and future-proof their IT landscape.

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Move from CAPEX to OPEX by shifting away from on-premise to the cloud

Reduce costs

Reduce costs & scale up or down according to your business needs

Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience with modernized applications

Strengths of our approach

Fixed teams

We work with fixed teams. This kickstarts projects since collaboration between our consultants is top notch

Wide range of skills

We have a wide range of skills in-house: Digital Analysts, Digital 'Builders', and Specialists

Test-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development and state of the art development & collaboration tools allow us to embrace 'Agile'


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Partnerships & expertise

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