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At a lot of companies the IT department enables they day-to-day operations to flow smoothly by maintaining the existing IT infrastructure. Therefore the main focus of most people within the IT department is operational. Due to digital transformation other departments are asking for additional solutions/apps/etc. that put a strain on the IT department.

The main issue for a lot of organizations is that operational IT teams, who are not used to this way of working, have to start thinking like software developers in a start-up.

Meet our Digital Innovation Lab

Do you want to kick-start digital projects within your organization? Then our digital innovation lab might be perfect for you. Through workshops, brainstorming, and open conversation we help our clients explore their business challenges.

No up-front investment

No huge up-front investment in time and money: you don’t have to spend €500.000 & wait 6 months before you get your hands on the first version

Quickly see the business value

After a few weeks you discover if there is any value in the proposed solution(s). Then you can decide to scale-up, pivot, or try another approach.

From idea to MVP in a few weeks

Our agile approach makes sure that we can put a working solution in front of your customers/users. Quickly move from idea towards the first prototypes, POCs or MVPs.

Strengths of our approach

Fixed teams

We work with fixed teams so our people know each other. This kickstarts the workflow and collaboration

Wide range of skills

We have a wide range of skills in-house: Digital Analysts, Digital 'Builders', and Specialists

Test-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development and state of the art development & collaboration tools allow us to embrace 'Agile'


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    We assisted Alpro with the implementation of Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint.

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  • Renson

    Renson takes the journey towards digital leadership. Focus on employee productivity, building a partner ecosystem, and implementing IoT for their smart ventilation units.

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