Hybrid Integration Platforms

Building blocks of a Hybrid Integration Platform

Due to the increasing complexity of the IT landscape, organizations have come to rely on an overwhelming amount of systems and platforms. Integrating systems & platforms can look like a gargantuan task. This is where a hybrid integration platform comes in.

Why hybrid?: because this style of integrating allows room for a mix of on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based systems to connect in a meaningful way. If you look at the hundreds of vendors and solutions out there it quickly becomes clear that you will need the guidance of experts to make this all happen within budget and in a reasonable timespan. This is where LoQutus comes in.

Partner/supplier ecosystems

Unlock the potential of partner/supplier ecosystems: faster time-to-market, better customer service, competitive pricing, cost savings, …

Integrate ‘things’

Future-proof your business with the possibility to integrate ‘things’ as well as systems/platforms

Proven integration architectures

Thanks to our proven integration architectures you get an accurate idea of cost & time-to-deploy

Strengths of our approach

Fixed teams

We work with fixed teams so our people know each other. This kickstarts the workflow and collaboration

A top team of experts

Leverage the knowledge of a top team of experts with a proven track record - no need to reinvent the wheel

Expertise in proven solutions

Expertise in proven solutions and partnerships with core vendors


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    Business Data Monitoring for public transport - boosting profitability & efficiency

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  • FMSB

    Architect, Assist, Assure is more than a slogan! Listen how FMSB experienced our approach

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  • Christelijke Mutualiteit

    LoQutus optimizes Service Oriented Architecture at CM

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Our people

  • Niek Jacobsen, Integration Architect

    Niek has 15 years of experience as a software developer. Mostly he is specialised in Java, Web-application development, Enterprise Application Integration and Service Oriented Architecture.


  • Wim Moons, Integration Architect

    Wim became active at LoQutus in 2011 where he enrolled his experience in an IBM-expert. With his expertise he realised some succesful projects for MIVB, EDF Luminus, Vande Velde and M-Team.



Partnerships & expertise

The next step

Isalien Van Laere
Business Developer

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