Why we believe in a digital workplace

What is this magical “Digital Workplace”? Why should you be interested in it? We would have not had a straight answer to this question when we started our compelling digital workplace journey. But we have learned a lot since we committed to developing this service and it has been a fascinating enterprise so far. We will try to answer those questions for you here.

A connected workplace

In order to answer those questions, I would like to invite you to think along with me for a bit. Imagine yourself a fancy executive, with your own personal assistant. You can completely focus on your work, the assistant takes care of all the hassle: get you the right email, make sure that meeting room is booked, make sure your customer is aware of what is happening, provide prospects with correct information, make sure the right documents are waiting for you just when you need them … Do you catch my drift? Can you take a moment to imagine how different your (work) life would look? Wouldn’t it be great to focus only on your core tasks, while everyone(you included) has all the information they need, anytime, anywhere?

Let’s now take this up a notch. Don’t limit this assistant to your personal needs and requirements, instead extend it to cover your entire organization. One unified mind that supports each of you and also your organization as a whole. One unified mind learns from all of you and connects the dots between everyone, including other stakeholders such as your customers. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

This is one way to help you in envisioning a digital workplace. We believe in connecting your organization, in building a smart network between your employees, customers and other stakeholders. A network that optimizes information flow, takes away operational hassle and creates transparency.
This covers the first question, what is “The Digital workplace”? There is no one definition of course, this is how we envision it. Now, up to the next question: why should you be interested in it?

Leveraging your network

We currently live in a world where you can order a fridge in the middle of the night and have it delivered the next day, yet a lot of businesses out there have no communication channel of any sorts that connects them to their customers–except for old fashioned (e) mail and telephone. How does your organization currently stay connected to its stakeholders?

We are used to immediately share ideas through instant messaging, send each other pictures and brainstorm about city trip locations online. At the same time, many businesses struggle to build a vibrant network among their employees in which information flows freely. What does your organizational network look like?

A gap has grown between what we are used to as clients from the big retailers(e.g. ordering whenever we feel like it) and what we actually offer our own clients. A similar gap has grown between how we interact digitally, among our friends, and how interaction flows are on the work floor. This is where a digital workplace can provide solutions for you. We think a digital workplace means looking at the entire picture, including everyone your organization interacts with. We believe that in connecting all these different stakeholders and in facilitating their working processes, lies great potential for companies. This doesn’t necessarily mean big changes, tackling one specific pain point can already make a tremendous difference.

For example, one of our clients struggled because they had geographically spread divisions and there was very little communication between. They experienced that a lot of potential and time was lost because a lot of knowledge wasn’t shared; both best practices and operational knowledge. Together with them, we designed a central online community to bring everyone together. With very little effort, a lot of added value was created within the company.

Hopefully the above part has provided you with some inspiration towards the second question: Why should you be interested in “The Digital Workplace”?
We all strongly believe in the potential of the digital workplace, in creating an ecosystem with your organization at the heart. In our digital and connected world, we notice that a lot of organizations have not managed to build their own network yet. We see many struggling and trying to find a way to leverage this digital potential. We launched this service and keep developing it, because we are convinced that we can offer added value to your organization. We can help out with your issues.

If you would like to hear more about how we see the digital workplace, feel free to contact us. In case any of what we said resonated with you, get in touch and we can leverage your benefits today, together.

Hanne Spruyt